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Cause We Love Bully's


We offer new beginnings for English Bulldogs that are homeless, abandoned or surrendered. Some come from cruelty; some from ambivalence. Some Bulldogs come to us simply because an owner is elderly or sick and can no longer care for a much-loved pet, or there has been a divorce, job loss or illness in the family.
We are also a resource for people hoping to bring an English Bulldog into their lives. Whether you will open your heart and provide temporary housing and care(fostering) to a recently rescued Bulldog, or wish to provide a rescued Bulldog a forever home.


Looking for his person: NO OTHER DOGS- NO cats- and Adults only. Neutered and up to date on shots. Please shoot me a detailed text about YOU. 507-475-2696 I will forward it to his people and from there decisions are between all of you

Zander - if I'm being to spunky I am Zander Allen (Allen is middle name). Nick names, Z, Zeezer, little guy. He loves going for walks and wants to be the center of attention with his person. He likes fetch, and chewing balls/bones. He is food motivated and loves to eat. He is possessive over everything he loves including attention. He can be high energy but also loves to cuddle on the couch and snooze. He likes water but it is unknown if he can swim- he has only been in a kiddie pool. Loves belly rubs and will flip over and let you know when he needs one. Doesn't do well with other dogs or kids. He truly is a loving dog and deserves the absolute best life with his best friend. Very special boy.

A note from Zander: looking for my own couch and my own best friend to take a snooze with. I might drive you a little nuts but will love you with all my heart. I want it to be just us so we don't have any distractions. I like bananas, blueberries, meat, pretty much anything you are eating. I snore but you might too so it will be great. I have a big heart and I'm looking to fill yours up with LOVE.



LOUIE (65) Novel Chewer, NPR Listener, Plays the Sax, Only Carries $100 Bills, Favorite Saying "Hey Baby", Swipes Right on Every Girl on Tinder/ Just to Delete the Ugly Ones Later.



Tribull was an owner surrender. Again some hair loss and yeast issues cleared right up with home cooked food and a few holistic supplements. His people came to meet him and the 3 of them feel in love immediately. Now Tribull has his own chair, his own people, and his own yard :-) 


Little Dude Chief was left behind when his families marriage failed. He arrived at Lonely Acres covered in fleas, yeast infection, severely malnourished, and extensive hair loss. He was all cleaned up, switched to a raw diet, he started putting weight back on, hair started growing back, and he found a nurse to love him for the rest of his days.....His momma says : Now that I have given up and let him have my chair, he is the happiest little man ever! We go to the Vet next week and I'm hoping they say his ears are clear by then too. I'll keep you updated! And thank you so much for connecting us with him. We love having him in our family!


This big guy came to live with us for a short time. He was an owner surrender to a nearby humane society. Porkchop was severely overweight, double ear infections, and could barely see. Although his owners claimed him to be around 5 years old...Porkchop was closer to 10+ years old (his teeth told me a different story) 

He claimed me as "his person" almost immediately. If he couldn't be next to me he would bark non stop. So he made himself comfortable in the recliner next to my desk. 

He was with us for just two weeks when his heart gave out on him. He was laid to rest next to my boy Pancho and my girl Suzie Marie. 

Boston Girl

Boston was rescued from beneath a back porch, sent to us at Lonely Acres, and finally to her family who loves her with all their heart!! She had a severely infected tail pocket, and although her tail was removed she continues to struggle with infections. Her family is still giving her just what she needs and they keep us updated on her progress!


Good Morning Leah,
Thank you again for all that you do. Cheba had a anxious, exciting, exhausting night. She did make her way into our room and slept on the floor right by my side which calmed her down (she trained me fast!). She already follows me everywhere I go and seems to be very used to riding in the car. Cheba is a true bulldog, loyal, loving, and loud! She loves to play, she has torn apart one of her toys and has sucked the life out of her bear. She barked when she needed to poop and loves walking outside. She barreled her way through our herb garden and knocked over the plants as she curiously sniffed everything! She listens to commands really well, waits by the door and sits to take her leash on and off. I am excited to see her weight loss and love for life to improve. Cheba is getting groomed for her holiday photo shoot and we will send you a family photo early this week! Thank you again!

Kari, Mai and Cheba


Bandit became Vinny's BFF. The two were inseparable. Bandit came to us in 2013 from an undesirable situation. Vince fell in love with him at first sight! 

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