Panchie Chonchie

Pancho Gran Perro De Norte Little Man II

Pancho Jr Shares his time with Bernie in northern MN. He loves giving kisses & Headbutts. With his goofy yet loving personality he wins the hearts of everyone who meets him!


Lonely Acres Eddie VanBullie

Donna's Little Edward. Grandson of Pancho. Bred of Obadiah. Talk about a sweet heart of a little Guy. First to cuddle. Always looking for lap time with Momma Leah. More to come! Little Eddie was born summer of 2020



honey bunny barry so so sweet and full of love. Not a mean bone in his body. Always looking to be part of the action front and center. this guy wants to be everyone's friend


Lenny Skynyrd

I brought Lenny Home from Indiana September 2020. Lenny is a laid back dude. He is extremely sensitive, Very smart. Very much wanting to please. I just can not say enough about him. Im excited to watch him grow and get to know him!




Gaea "Molly" Mother Earth

Ms Molly must be spoken with tongue between your teeth (its her own special pronunciation). She loves to sleep and wiggle her butt. Her snoring is louder than any human mans and her farts could blow anyone away. She is my favorite ❀❀❀


Darling Donna of Pancho

Donna Do You Wanna Play!! Wowzer she took after her Daddy Pancho- athletic, fun, curious, smart, and a true BFF....that about sums up our Donna!!

Opal & Cora


Opal and Cora came to us from Smoochie Poochie Bulldogs May 2019. Both are sweet as pie :-)and high energy girls! 


Mama mia

Mia bo Beea is our silly goose girl. she is a pro at wiggling her butt. when she has decided she wants something there is not much which will stop her. mia loves long walks in the woods and having one on one lovin'


Esme is hanks niece and mia daughter. She was born at sherburn refuge bulldogs and came to live here with us after i fell in love with her grumpy looking face. she is a love!