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Balms- Lotions- Salves- Soaps

Some for You & Some for Your Doggos!

I believe that God provides us with everything we need to heal and thrive. I have spent years studying & using the medicinal properties of plants and herbs, and have harnessed this knowledge to create a range of body tonics that are both effective and natural. I am passionate about helping my customers achieve optimal health and wellness, and am committed to using only the highest quality ingredients in my products. - Leah at Lonely Acres Bulldogs & The Hag on the Hill

Our Story

Always Learning! As my children grew I was careful to avoid over-vaccinating, junk food, and over the counter medications. I kept a big garden and canned most of our food.

And of course I thought I was extending the same care to my Bulldogs. So I was shocked to realize that the diet of "quality" kibble I fed my pups was not being digested after 14 + hours (If you've ever witnessed your pup coming out of anesthesia at the Vet office, you understand where I am coming from).  So this meant they weren’t getting any of the nourishment I thought they were and I needed a solution. This really got me thinking, asking questions, and searching for the answers. I started my kennel, (the Bullie Palace) at Lonely Acres Bulldogs, on a whole food- raw diet. All my spare time consisted of studying nutrition: I'm a ton of fun at a party! After two months of the whole raw food diet, I started noticing “normal” Bulldog ailments were becoming less of an issue, if any issue at all. You spots, ear infections, rope gunk, interdigital cysts, tail pocket yuk, and of course "good ol” tear stains.


Our code of Ethics at Lonely Acres starts out: “I am the caretaker not only of the individual dog but of the reputation and welfare of the breed as a whole......"

Therefore when a Bulldog needed love, care, and a safe place I would welcome them in. Transitioning from an unknown diet of kibble to a whole food raw diet was a breeze;  their tummies rarely had any issues. Unfortunately, often they would arrive riddled with sores, sometimes fleas, usually ear infections etc. Sometimes they'd been frequent takers of pharmaceutical drugs. Broken- not healed and getting worse; their "person" had given up.


And so began the study of treating these ailments Holistically- First in myself & then in the Bulldogs. Years later...I am the "Hag on the Hill" and now I am happily sharing my experience with you.

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