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When you arrive home with your puppy, remember - your puppy is a baby Bulldog. Like all babies, he needs lots of love and cuddling


Moving to a new home, leaving his dam and litter mates and the only humans he has ever really known is a very traumatic experience for the puppy; so try to make the move as easy as possible for him. For the first couple of weeks, try to change his life as little as possible. 


although you'll want everyone to meet him- it's best to hold off- remember their little immune systems are still developing!


Follow the breeders feeding routine. The same times, the same amount, the same brand of food, the same supplements. Feed him in the same place at each meal. Be sure he has a special area all his own for his bed. 


Sometime during the first week, you should take him to your veterinarian for a check up and "get to know you" visit. Take along the record of his immunizations and wormings and a stool sample.

Bring a towel or blanket to set your puppy on...  do not let the puppy touch any surface in that office including the scale  !!!


Once the puppy is settled securely into his new home, you can begin to introduce him to your way of doing things. If you want to change the brand of puppy kibble he is eating, the change should be slow and gradual. Substitute a small amount of the old food with the new brand and slowly increase the ratio of new to old until the old brand is completely replaced with the new. Please see "feeding" below for proper nutrition....I feed our bullies a raw diet!




Your Bulldog should be thoroughly brushed at least three times a week. Most Bulldogs love to be brushed. Use a soft bristle or rubber brush. Follow this with a good rub down. This will keep his hair shiny and his skin healthy. During shedding time, spring and fall, you may need to brush more often, give more frequent rubdowns. The idea is to remove the dead hair and distribute the natural oils.

Most Bulldoggers bathe their dogs when the dog is dirty - when it obviously needs a bath. Be sure to use an oatmeal based shampoo for dogs.

Most Bulldogs need their toe nails cut on a regular basis - about every two weeks. The nails should be kept as short as possible. You may use dog nail clippers or an electric grinder. Be especially careful not to cut into the quick. On white nails you can see where the quick begins. On black nails cut just to the curve of the nail. 

 Clean the wrinkles a couple of times a week. Some need it on a daily basis. When you clean the wrinkles, wash his nose and apply a good rub of Vaseline to keep it soft.  You can clean the wrinkles with a soft, damp cloth and then dry. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly. One of the best ways is to wipe the wrinkles clean with Baby Wipes with lanolin and aloe. If he develops a yeasty smell use a monostat cream after cleaning

A sizable number of Bulldogs have "tear stains" of varying degrees of color. If the stain is bad, in addition to cleaning you may want to try to remove the stain. There are many treatments, you may have to try several before you find one that works for you. You can make a paste of I Tbs. Hydrogen Peroxide and enough corn starch to make a thin paste (some Bulldoggers add I Tbs. Milk of Magnesia to the hydrogen peroxide and mix the cornstarch into that mixture). Apply to the stain, let dry, brush off excess. Apply on a daily basis until the stain in gone, then weekly to keep stain from returning.



  • A food dish & a water dish / Ceramic is Best!!

  • A harness and a lead (not to be left on pup during play o rest)

  • small link "choke" collar is best for training purpose BUT DO NOT LEAVE THIS ON YOUR PUP WHEN YOU ARE NOT TRAINING. It should be long enough to slip over the pup's head with room to spare. His first lead should be a light weight one, you'll need a strong leather lead as he grows.

  • Nail clippers or grinder.



This is the set up we use. our pups know where their potty place is before they leave for their new homes. you can apply this concept at home to start or if you can not get home during the day, some will continue this setup indefinitely. as your pup grows, continue to move his litter pan closer to the door until you eventually dump the pan where you want him to continue to potty in your yard. we use wood pellets in our litter box.



The most common cotton rugs or blankets which can be washed with ease make the most sense. Don't pamper your Bulldog with a wicker dog bed. He will thoroughly enjoy reducing it to twigs and it really isn't a good thing for him to eat. The fake sheepskin rugs available from most pet stores and dog catalogs make good beds as they are soft and wash and dry with ease. The important thing for bedding is that it be easily washable and provide a soft nesting area for the dog. As long as it meets that requirement, any bedding will do.



Never ever give your Bulldog a rawhide toy. Even Bulldog puppies can tear a piece off the rawhide and choke on it. 

Puppies like knotted socks to shake and play tug of war with. They also like Nylabone and Gummabone toys. Many like to play with balls, but be sure the ball is too big to lodge in the throat. They like cotton tug toys.