“I am the caretaker not only of the individual dog but of the reputation and welfare of the breed as a whole.”



“It is incumbent upon me to set the example of each dog being individually cherished but only the physically and temperamentally sound being bred.”


“I accept the premise that if I breed a litter those dogs are my responsibility throughout their lifetime.”



What is happening around us: COVID 19 and the effects on our economy, has given a new twist and spin to operation here at Lonely Acres. Currently I am receiving 20+  calls, texts, e mails, & FB messages per day. There is physically no way I can keep up with all that needs to be done here on the farm and respond to everyone. Please forgive me. I love and appreciate everyone reaching out to us, but I don't know that I will have any puppies available again until late winter 2022


Hours of Operation are for phone inquires/ text messages only.

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(507) 475-2696

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We are located south of blooming prairie Minnesota on a small acreage next to the Cedar River.  We spend most of our time with our Bulldogs playing and working around the farm.

The bulldogs live both with us in our home and an indoor kennel with individual doggy doors and a fenced in play yard. We have just a few litters throughout the year, so do not have puppies available at all times. it's important to note that this is our home. visits to lonely acres are by appointment only ♡

​​Bulldogs make great family and companion pets.  They are full of personality, they are clowns, and are dogs that crave human attention.  Bulldogs are inside dogs and do not do well in extreme temperatures.  We encourage anyone looking to bring a bulldog into their family to research the breed first, they are not your standard dogs, they require a lot of care and attention.  Many who have owned a bulldog know they are a unique, addicting breed.  Most who have owned or own a bulldog, know they can never go without one. 

Join our facebook page or follow hey_its_panch on instagram for updates and if you like to see bulldog pictures and videos.  We post often as our dogs are a major part of our life!  We are continually working to improve and to produce puppies we can be proud of in looks, temperament, and health.