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Hot Spots


Hot spots are essentially an immune-mediated response of the skin. They appear as red, moist, irritated, sometimes oozy skin lesions that can appear anywhere on your dog.

Hot spots also tend to appear suddenly, with no warning.  If they’re untreated, they can also spread very fast.  So if you see one on your dog, it’s important to get treating it right away.

Also known as acute moist dermatitis, hot spots can be caused by an allergic reaction, a bug bite, poor grooming or underlying disease.

They can even be caused by boredom or stress. Thick or long haired breeds are most often affected.

Whatever the cause, there are always safe and effective natural treatments. But before choosing a solution, you’ll need to understand the cause of your dog’s hot spots.

Treatment ( my way)


I start by carefully shaving the area.


carefully Clean with a Chlorhexidine Solution.


Then I apply my Bully balm

- a 500mg cbd salve blended in comfrey, self heal, and Mullen.

(You can also use a holistic healing balm of your choice)

****Next figure out the source of the hotspot

-food allergy?


-Fleas? or Flea preventative?

-Change in laundry detergent?

-Sprayed the yard for weeds?

-Recent vaccination?

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